The New York Times published a very interesting article on Wednesday. A small town in New York has made English the law. In other words, English is the official language of the town, and formal business cannot be conducted in any other language.

To read more, go here: Small New York Town Makes English the Law

Critics of the law say that it violates free speech, will be impossible to enforce, and is totally unnecessary. Defenders of the law counter that immigrants are not adapting to American ways like they should. They argue that during earlier waves of immigration, Italian, German, and Japanese immigrants had to learn English and adapt to the US as quickly as possible in a process called assimilation. 

I want to know what you think. I have my own opinion that the law is problematic and discriminatory, but my opinion should not discourage you from taking another side. Do you agree with the law? Do you think it will help or hurt immigrants? Why or why not? I want to know.

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