Ouafae Sehhar is a 4B student at Language ETC. Oaefae is from Morocco and she warns us about the dangers of technology while also exploring their advantages. Enjoy!

My favorite time-saving device is the computer. I use it to do every thing I need. It has several advantages. For example, before I had a computer I used to call my family in Morocco from my cell phone and it was really expensive. But now I call my family and I can see them via Skype and MSN. It’s fantastic. Also I can listen to Moroccan music and be in touch with my country any time. Another benefit of the computer is that it allows me to email all my friends over the world and also get any information about my work, other organizations, countries and the news. 

Even though the computer is becoming an important part of my life, it has drawbacks as well. The radiation of computer could affect our vision if we are addicted to it. Also, some times we spend most of time front of the computer and we forget to some important things in our life such as exercising and walking, and meeting people. -Ouafae Sehhar