Arsene Jasmin is a Haitian student in ESL level 4A here at Language ETC. In the following essay, he writes eloquently about the effects of stress.

How I Cope with Stress

According to the Encyclopedia, stress is a reaction to a particular event like job or family problems, financial difficulties, exam or fear of acting in front of people. It can be a mental, social or physical manifestation. It may cause increased appetite, headache, sleeplessness or oversleeping, high blood pressure, digestive problems, tense muscles… Nowadays, because life is filled with stress and much of which cannot be avoid.  And then, how I cope with stress?  

There is no doubt that they are a lots ways to manage stress.  However, I want to consider the fact of speaking in public. It is a very big challenge. Everyone copes differently with such stressful situation. Some may enjoy speaking in public and then others may be terrified. I am going to be talking about how I handle my stress when I speak in public.

I think back the first time that I had to give remarks in English in front of a great assembly of English speakers.  First of all, I made a draft of what I was going to say. Then, I asked for some advice from an English speaker.  Finally, I tried to find a delightful joke to start in order to attract the attention of the assembly. Before I started talking, I took a deep breath to help me relax.  As a result, people were so attentive and I became more comfortable while I was speaking.  I could not believe how they were so happy and enjoyable. And the applause that they make at the end showed me their satisfaction.  

In short, it was a gratifying moment for me. Personally, I think this remark was one of the best presentations so far that I have made.  Since then, I found a way to deal with a stressful situation.

 –Arsene Jasmin